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Here are some of my good friends and collegues that you can find on the web. Please tell them that you found them through me, if you go to them for their really great products or services. It's been my honor to know:



blog talk radio, intutitive live coaching tips. Listen for prizes, information on professions you didn't know existed, advice on living daily with greater ease and enjoyment, or be on my show if you know something that could help your neighbors in Marin/Sonoma.

intutitive live coaching tips


Jacob G - designer of my this website


Cynthia Hollins of Hollins Healing

Edward Shober L.Ac.
yelp review


Alex Walker.
This is a great read for all, especially for animal lovers
and the author is a friend of mine, which is why he is
on my "friends" page.
Alex Walker.



The Science Behind Earth Magic



ASTROJAX is a fascinating game all about action, rhythm and your own personal style.

active people toys


I'll be adding to this list as time goes on.
Thanks for reading.

Sue Hirsch, Owner and CMT


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